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Prosports Training is a sports performance training facility for competitive hockey players and athletes in the Ottawa region.

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Strength and Conditioning Programs We Offer

If you want to take your game to the next level, you are going to need a training program to get you there. Our sports performance training programs are specifically designed to push our athletes to reach their full potential and to give our athletes the advantage when the season begins.

Athlete doing water ball walking lunges in a sand training pit

Athletic Strength
Development Program

The ASD program is designed to improve strength and athleticism. This program focuses on Upper/Lower body strength, vertical/horizontal lifting and movement, core strength and rotational power.

An image of youth athletes doing ladder quick feet drills

Energy System Track
Development Program

The ESTD program is a complete 12 week sprinting program at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex. This program features distance sprints, repeats, pro runs, acceleration starts, agility quick feet drills and much more!

An image of an athlete running with a resistance band attached to him

Athletic Performance Enhancement
Development Program

The APED program is designed to improve one’s sports performance by increasing their flexibility and mobility through yoga, and agility training in the sand.

an image of a youth athlete doing off-ice goaltending drills

Goalie Movement & Reaction
Development Program

The GMRD program is designed for goalies to work on specific exercises to improve their movement patterns while incorporating visual reaction, concentration and core rotational strength.

I want to share some exciting news with you this evening before it is made public tomorrow. I have committed to St Lawrence University to become a future Skating Saint. Thank you for helping me achieve this goal!

Evan Mitchell Kemptville 73's