Pro Sports Training

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We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Rubberized Sports Training Court

 The 1800 sq. ft. Rubberized Sports Training Surface is one of the areas of our facility that we use for enhancing athletic movement training.  Cardio Ropes (picture), Slide Boards, and Sandbag Training are just some of the many different exercises / drills that are performed on this court as part of our Athletic Development Program. 

600 sq. ft. Indoor Strength Training Center

Majority of the exercises performed in the Indoor Weight Room will concentrate on the development of upper body strength and stabilization.

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

900 sq.ft. Outdoor Covered Training Center

The Focus of this Training Area is the Development of Lower Body Explosive Strength, Power and Core Stabilization.
  • Lifting Platforms,
  • Squat Racks,
  • Leg Press / Hack Squat Machine
  • Glut / Hamstring Machine 
  • Plus more...

The Outdoor Athletic Strength Training Area

includes the following:

  • 4 - 25 Yard Tracks for Explosive Movement Drills (2 Artificial Turf Tracks and 2 Rubberized) - quick-feet , sled push, sled pulls, acceleration band resistance running to name a few uses for the tracks
  • 65 Yard Acceleration Speed Track for Sprinting
  • Plyometric Boxes -heights ranging from 12 to 54 inches
  • Sledge Hammering Area,             
  • 16 Foot and 8 Foot Vertical Walls for Explosive Wall Ball Throwing.
  • Multiple TRX and Olympic Rings Training Area
  • Climbing Ropes of Various Heights
  • 4 Landmine Training Stations.
  • Stairs for explosive hopping and running
  •  Plus more  ...

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

4,000 sq. ft. Sand Training Pit

There are Many Benefits of Training in the Sand.

  • Dramatically Improves Balance and Agility
  • Strengths the Stabilizer Muscles of the Ankles, Knees,      and Hips
  • Improves Core and Lower Back Strength
  • Corrects Structural Imbalances
  • Significantly Increases Caloric Expenditure
  • Enhances Aerobic, Anaerobic, and Lactate Threshold Capacities

720 sq. ft. Synthetic Turf Area 

The primary use of the synthetic turf area is for Core Training.    It will also be an area that will be used for Yoga, Balance, Quick Feet Cardio Drills and Flexibility Training.