Pro Sports Training

 14 WEEK Program (May 18th - August 23th)

10 Training Sessions $120.00

14 Training Sessions $160.00

20 Training Sessions $220.00

28 Training Sessions  $300.00

Prices include the HST

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The key to any conditioning program (Energy System Development / ESD program) is to prepare the athlete to play their specific sport. The ability to decelerate, redirect and accelerate as well as to achieve high velocities (speed) is crucial to an athlete’s sports performance especially in a team game.

In team sports the prized quality that everyone talks about is speed, but what really separates athletes is the ACCELERATION that the player has, the ability to pull away from a defender or to close the gap.

In hockey, agility is especially important as it closely related to balance, because it requires the athletes to regulate the shifts in the body’s center of gravity while subjecting them to postural deviations.

Each ESD Track Workout is 60 minutes

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7:00pm

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Track Workout

Includes the Following:

  • Complete Sprinting and Acceleration Program - Distance Sprints of 400's, 200's, 100's, 60's, 40's, 20's, Repeats, Changing Gears, Tempo Runs
  • Quick Feet Drills using Ladders, Cones, and Hurdles
  • Agility / Change of Direction Runs
  • Shuttle Runs, Pro Runs
  • First Step Explosive Movement
  •  The sessions are at the track / fields at Sacred Hearts High School in Stittsville


"Our focus is on the improvement of athleticism,

which enables athletes to become more skillful,

and dominate on their playing surface."