Pro Sports Training

The Athletic Development Program(ADP) Consists of 3 Different Programs:

PRO - Unlimited Sessions (see description below)

GOLD - 3 Strength Training Sessions Per Week

SILVER - 2 Strength Training Sessions Per Week

Program Length and Starting dates 

18 Week Program (April 20th  - August 28th)

15 Week Program (May 11 - August 28th)

12 Week Program (June 1st - August 28th)

8 Week Program (June 22nd - August 28th) 

***You must be 12  years of age or older for enrollment***  There is a Junior Strength Training segment within each of the   program lengths which will be age related for safety.

10 WEEK Program (June 6 - August 14)

12 or older to enroll in the 10 week program

                                                  Every Workout is 120 Minutes (2 Hours)                                          The Athletic Development Program will focus on the following components

  • Functional Strength Development
  • Sports Balance Training
  • Explosive Strength Development
  • Speed Strength Development
  • Core / Rotational Strength Development
  • SAQ (Speed / Agility / Quickness)
  • Each month there will be testing done to monitor and measure your progress 


  • Includes Unlimited ADP Training Sessions and ESD Training Sessions throughout the training length of the program that you have selected. This program allows you to train 4 or 5 times a week.


"Our focus is on the improvement of athleticism,

which enables athletes to become more skillful,

and dominate on their playing surface."